We at North State feel that our level of customer service truly separates us from the rest. First and foremost, NSMT staff operates under our motto, “Compassion, Pride, Respect.” We feel that offering compassionate service, having pride in our profession and outcomes, and being respectful of our customer’s needs and expectations is the foundation for success. Secondly, our modern software, Teletrac, allows us to constantly monitor and communicate with our trucks using GPS and on board messaging systems. This in turn improves our time management allowing us to provide quick and prompt response time to our customers. Finally, NSMT is owned and operated by former Wake county paramedics with over 60 years of experience and they only employ staff members who are willing to mimic their belief systems of continuing education, professionalism, and courteous service on each and every transport. Getting the patient from point A to point B is only half the task. At NSMT, we offer transportation at a superior level that goes above and beyond simply getting the patient to his or her destination, and we look forward to demonstrating this service for you in the near future.