Contact us any time at our toll-free number: 877-261-8911

What does my insurance cover?

Insurance coverage for medical transport varies based on the insurance provider. A hospital discharge may be covered with a PCS/Medical Necessity. Contact our dispatch team (919-261-8911) or billing office with any questions regarding insurance coverage for your transport.

What does Medicare/Medicaid pay for?

With a signed PCS/Medical necessity, Medicare/Medicaid will cover most medical transports including healthcare facility admissions and discharges. Medicare does not cover billing for medical appointments.

What are acceptable forms of payment?

For a private pay, the only payment options are by credit card or cash. Cash may be given when the ambulance crew arrives on scene, in the full amount quoted when you scheduled the transport. A credit card may be given over the phone to dispatch prior the time of transport.

Can my pet ride?

• As wonderful as furry companions can be, North State Medical Transport does not allow pets to ride along during transport. Certified service animals are the exception to this policy (documentation must be provided)

Can a family member ride along?

Yes, North State Medical Transport does allow for one family member to ride along during the transport of the patient. The rider must sign a Rider Release Liability form in order to ride. Riders will be asked to ride in the front seat for safety and comfort purposes during the transport.

How many belongings can I bring during a transport?

Patients may have two articles of belongings when they are being transported. A wheelchair may be brought, as long as it is disclosed while the transport is being arranged. If one is not disclosed, our crews will not be able to transport the wheelchair.

How is the rate/quote determined?

Our dispatch team will speak with the individual setting up the transport, and determine the level of service required, and then verbally set the determined mileage of the transport. Our dispatchers will use company pricing guidelines to then determine the total cost.

Emergent v. Non-emergent

NSMT is a non-emergent medical transport company. For any patients in acute distress or having an emergency, please dial 911.

Weight range

Our maximum weight capabilities is 550 lbs. Any patient over 500 lbs will have to be evaluated on a case by case basis with management approval.

What information is needed to schedule a transport?

Dispatch will ask for patient demographics, pickup and destination address, as well as pertinent patient information.

What is a PCS/Medical Necessity

A Physician Certified Statement is a legal document signed by a medical professional stating that a patient can only be transport medically due to various medical reasons. We need a signed copy for EVERY transport that we do.

Hours of operation

North State Medical Transport is a 24/7, year round service. We are happy to help you at any time of day during the year!

I’m with a healthcare facility and want a contract with NSMT

Please contact our Director of Business Development Carlie Coward, for any questions regarding a contract with your facility.

What training do our crews receive?

All of our staff are NC Certified, licensed EMT-B and Paramedics who hold current CPR certifications. We also offer in-house trainings for continuing education, special event standby and trauma, ALS assistance training, and ambulance operations.

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Disclaimer: North State Medical Transport is a non-emergent transportation provider. If you have an emergency you should call 911.