Helping YOU Choose

Deciding which transportation company can be difficult. As a consumer the only thing you can really see is that the companies have different colored trucks. How do you know which company you should pick? Picking someone to drive you or your loved on around isn’t the same as choosing a new cereal. You can’t just pick the cheapest or the one with the prettiest box. There are some criteria you should consider. Here are some questions to ask.

Who will be driving you?

Background checks are important. You do not want to ride with a driver who has a criminal history, multiple DUIs, or a series of motor vehicle accidents in his past. At North State Medical Transport we require a state and federal background check on every potential employee. We do not hire any employee that could possibly put our patients' safety at risk.

Also, all companies do not use licensed personnel to drive their vehicles. At North State Medical Transport we only employ Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics. Even when you are riding in a shuttle, if there is an emergency there will be an individual trained to handle emergency situations with you. However, many companies do hire non-licensed personnel. Remember to ask about driver certifications when you are booking your transport.

How clean are the vehicles in which you will be riding?

Cleanliness can tell you a lot about the operation of a transportation company. If the exterior of a vehicle is dirty, you should ask questions. If the interior of a vehicle is dirty, including the stretcher or wheelchair, there is certainly a problem. North State Medical Transport vehicles are washed (inside and out) everyday unless there are extreme weather conditions. This gives our crews the opportunities to make sure all the supplies are in place inside the vehicle as well as check the exteriors for any potential problems such as loose bolts or damage to our lifts.

How often is maintenance done on the vehicles?

Even more important than a regular vehicle, because transport vehicles are driven all day everyday, regular maintenance is an important part of safety. Daily maintenance checks and routine maintenance is an absolute necessity. You should ask questions about what type of daily and routine maintenance is done on the vehicles you or your loved one will be riding in. At North State Medical Transport we inspect our vehicles on a daily basis monitoring fluid levels, possible damage to the tires, or any loose bolts or leaks. In addition to daily monitoring we regularly complete oil changes, tire rotations and balancing, antifreeze changes, and transmission changes when required.