Advanced Life Support (ALS)

ALS services are used for patients that require acute monitoring during a transport. This can range from continuous intravenous fluids, cardiac monitoring, and/or ventilators. Licensed paramedics, who are ready to handle life-threatening emergencies, should they arise during a transport, conduct ALS transports. These transports are typically utilized by emergency rooms for hospital-to-hospital transfers and by Long Term Acute Care facilities for patients who need to be discharged or taken to medical appointments.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

BLS services are for patients who cannot safely ride in a vehicle, and instead require to lie on a stretcher and be monitored for transport. These patients only require basic level of medical supervision, and BLS services can range from transports to and from healthcare facilities as well as private residences. Two EMT-Basics can provide basic airway management, bleeding control, and/or patient stabilization while on scene and during the transfer.

Service Area

North State Medical Transport is franchised in 10 counties to provide non-emergent BLS medical transport for patients within county lines for the following counties: Beaufort, Craven, Durham, Franklin, Johnston, Nash, Orange, Person, Sampson, Vance, Wake, and Wilson.

Additionally, we can provide ALS in-county transports for Durham, Franklin, Johnston, Nash, Person, Sampson.


Out of County

North State Medical Transport can take any patient from any location in North Carolina, to any destination in the Eastern United States, provided that the destination is outside of the county the transport begins in. Our crews have transported patients to cities including Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Orlando, and New York City.

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